Find unique photo and film locations shared by other people.

Scouty makes location scouting easy, fun and free. Unearth free hidden gems (e.g. beach spots) and book unusual private spaces (e.g. warehouses) through an easy to use mobile app

How it works


On Scouty you can find locations that were shared by other users. You can find specific locations by searching keywords and geographic locations. For each location you can see images, a clear list of features and the price per hour. This lets you quickly find the perfect space for your shoot.


As soon as you have found a location you like you can simply request the space for a specific time and date. If you have any questions or want to specify terms, you can communicate directly with the host through our in-app messaging.


As soon as the host accepts your request your booking is confirmed and you’ll be all set for your shoot.

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Locations on Scouty

Scouty is for everyone. No matter the size of your budget and project you can find the perfect location on Scouty. Our locations are all shared by our users and are combination of both public (free) and private spaces.

Need a nice spot by the river? Or a lush penthouse loft? Download Scouty now and find the perfect locations for your shoot.

Have a space? Become a host on Scouty!

Turn your space into a photo/film shoot location and start making money. Add your space to Scouty and start renting out your space by the hour to our creative community.